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Yeti 4 Hire Fan Art!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Jeff Crowther writes and illustrates a great all-ages action comic called Yeti 4 Hire. If you haven’t seen it, check out Fugitive Yeti, the adventure that┬árecently wrapped. I was inspired to make some fan art for Jeff, and he just posted it. Cool! You can see it here. New Yeti 4 Hire comics will return […]

Eye Of The Beholder

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Hold That Expression

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Spacial Expression

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

I’m Bored With My Face

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Don’t Try This At Home

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

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