Helium Challenge

September 22, 2014


Helium enthusiast Jon Esparza started a webcomic challenge, similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, except just for fun. It’s called The Helium Challenge. I’m unclear on the chronology, but I know that Warren Frantz did the challenge, then he challenged Ryan Klassen, who challenged me. (Thanks, Ryan! I’m honored.) Soooo… of course I accepted the challenge, made the comic you see above, and now I’m nominating Esa Holopainen! I’m a big fan of Esa’s so I really hope he accepts The Helium Challenge. Stay tuned!

Latest News

Autumnal Appearances

October 13, 2017

Hey guess what? More 2017 appearances are coming up. I’ll be at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) in Cambridge, MA on October 21 and 22. You’ll find me at table B69. I am psyched! I’ll also be at Portland Comic Expo in Portland, ME on Sunday October 29. In either case you can pick up some books, or some of the original sketches I’ll have for sale, like this one here. Or… just say Hi! That’s also good.

Yet Another Book, and More Appearances

June 7, 2017

Can you believe it? There’s a Fourth Small Blue Yonder book. Small Blue Yonder: This Book Has Nothing To Do With Snowstorms is available on Amazon. It’s my favorite yet, but of course I’d say that.

I’ll be selling and signing copies of all four books at a bunch of upcoming festivals. Come see me at Kids Con New England on June 11 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Then I’ll be at the Maine Comics Arts Festival (MeCAF) in Portland, Maine, on June 17. And then? I’ll be at Electric City Comic Con — where they might even make me (ullp) stand up and do one of those live drawing challenges in front of a crowd of people. That’s in Schenectady, New York, on July 8. So come on down! I’m really looking forward to all three events. Should be lots of fun.

October Appearances

October 20, 2016

Hey guess what? I’ll be at back to back festivals the next two weekends. Come see me at the Portland Comic Expo in Portland, ME on Sunday October 23. I’ll be at table 41, selling my wares. I had a blast last year, this year should be just as good if not better. The next weekend, October 29 and 30, I’ll be at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) in Cambridge, MA. I was also at MICE last year and can guarantee that this year will be amazing. You can find me at table C104. Can’t wait!


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