1000 Small Blue Yonder Comics

December 6, 2015

The day finally came. 1000 Small Blue Yonder comic strips. Whew!! Thanks to everyone who’s been reading, thanks for buying the books, thanks for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. How to celebrate… hmm, how about if I take a break for the first time in over two and a half years? Doesn’t that sound great? I’m eternally grateful to the talented artists who contributed such amazing guest strips. Once that run is done I’ll be back for more of the same. And hopefully different things as well. It needn’t always be one row of three or four panels, right? I want to start making bigger, page-size comics from time to time. Could happen! I’ll be exhibiting at more festivals/cons in 2016, which means there are plans for more books. A new collection? Definitely. 32-page Konkorr story? You never know. Hardbound epic about Bear with the Bendy Arms? You never know.


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