Small Blue Yonder Is Five Years Old?!

March 19, 2018

Did you know that Small Blue Yonder turned five years old? I can’t believe it either. Time flies, and all that. With that in mind, what the heck, here I am once again posting a photo of the stack of every SBY comic to date.

It hasn’t toppled yet! (Only a matter of time before I absent-mindedly knock it over.) That’s 1,390 comics and counting, dang! I love drawing SBY comics and will continue to do so but with five years under my belt I may have to shake things up and do some other things. I’m working on a short story for a comics anthology, want to do a long form book as well. So I may not post as regularly as I have been. Don’t worry though, I’m not going away!
Stay tuned for more updates. I’m compiling another collection; that book, my fifth, will be out in a month or so. And I’m scheduled to appear at a bunch of comic festivals this spring and summer, really looking forward to those.
Thanks, everyone, for reading!

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